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December 30th, 2005

02:21 am: Sooo I havent updated in a while I guess. A lot has happened since :)...college and a lot more. Everything has been great, seriously great. Its nice being home and getting to see everyone again :)thats about it until tonight when we go to nIkkis party see ya there :)

August 14th, 2004

10:01 pm: Yet again I havent updated in a while and I have like zero memory so I dont remember everything!!! Ummmmmm Ill just start with today lol. I cleaned my room for tomorrow, which by the way is the one year anniversary of papa's death. We're going to a mass at 10 which is being offered for him and then were having the whole family over. Im really upset because its so hard thinking and knowing that he isnt here anymore. Later on today I played some tennis with jazz, cat, and maria. We did a lot more talking than playing, but thats ok I guess lol. Monday is tennis...ahhhhhh....oh it will be ok. Although it is always good to be a little nervous.Work ended friday. It was pretty fun. I took a break with kevin and we talked a lot. Well I did most of it lol, but it was fun. My boss and coworkers gave me flowers and it was sweet. I mean I did basically file everything under the sun and cater to their every clerical need for the past three years. I miss everyone, but Ill see them monday for tennis and I'll see andrew tomorrow because hes really sweet and wants to be there for me tomorrow. I got soooo many movies the other day because there was a great sale and Ill have to have some people over soon. Tonight nanny and I stayed in and we watched Along Came Polly which she loved and then Sense and Sensibility and she fell asleep lol it was so funny. But we ate and had fun. I love spending time with nanny, I mean really who wouldnt? Well Ill prolly update soon. Maybe later on because whenever I do update I end up forgetting something quasi importnat and feel really bad for it after, but everyone knows my memory so dont be offended.
love yas, ~alex~
ooo and p.s. A thing I learned to do more which is incredibly important is.. always reamember to think of others and make sure they are well because as bad as you think you may have it others may have it much worse. So remember to always care and always be incredibly true and sincere towards others because you never know when you will need that kindness in return.

July 26th, 2004

08:45 pm: EEEEE tomorrow is my birthday!!!! yay! Although it doesnt feel like it at all and I still have to go to work and poo like that but oh well. After that I think amanda and I are doing something and later on me, nanny, mom,adriana, bobby and rose are going to mercado's. Then with "the group" lol we're going saturday for a fun and adventurous party, I cant wait!...
Yesterday I went to nikki's house and we played some tennis. I taught her lotsa stuff and she did really well. Then we went to stewarts for ice cream and water and then went home and we swam and watched a knights tale. It was a lot of fun. But of couse I had an accident more like a normal thing for me...but still really weird. I answered the phone and then the phone fell on my toe and now it's bruised...really weird. There was blood and it was icky and uy.
Today was work. Work work work blah blah blah... then I read some and then I fell asleep and then I got sarah and we went to tennis. Yes, we WENT to tennis, but in actuality never exited the car. Rain. Rain is a pain in the rear lol. Oh well, we shall play soon.
Well, I'll update tomorrow..prolly.
Love yas,

July 15th, 2004

09:21 pm: Today was so crazy. Work was like hectic..I did like so much and tomorow I have like five major projects to finish which is just impossible ...but thats ok I can do it! Then after work was senior pictures which took like 5 minutes..not too bad. I decided on straight hair after getting very aggravated with curls. At work there's this guy who is like in the other department as summer help but our departments are connected and almost every time I walk by he like stares....I frequently question if I have like something random attatched to my shoe or if my dress is like up in the back or if I just look weird lol...but I mean really staring can make a person quite paranoid.
Tomorrow is friday yay!!!!one more day of work!!! Then this weekend is time to relax and have fun. I think we all might get together at nikki's so thats gonna be fun! Tomorrow night I think Im justn going to hang out with nanny lol...its always interesting. I gave her a boom box yesterday which she is convinced is a newest musical thing in technology and so this 94 year old man named charlie gave her some tapes which he sang on and played the banjo on for her, kinda random.. but it should be amusing to listen to.
Hope work goes well tomorrow.
Love yas,

July 3rd, 2004

02:48 pm: Woohoo!!!! It works! I got my computer to work!!! yay...ok, well now that Ive stated that I dont know how long It's been since I last updated. Hmmmm a lot has happened since I did update but...I forgot most of it...hmmmm Ill start with the end of school. Finals really were poopie, but in the end good. Then the fun started with amandas birthday sleepover which was really interesting lol. We stayed up all night playing card games, eating, talking, baking cookies in the form of tinkywinkys and lots of other really fun stuff. It was definitely a very good start to the summer. Then we started tennis and that has been a lot of fun. Hmmm on monday I went and slept over at nikkis house after tennis and we watched some of Bridget Jones's Diary and we kinda went in the pool lol First Step to learn how to swim...stand in shallow end and kinda wiggle around. Wedsday we went to tennis again and andrew came along...but didnt play and he should have...no wait actually its good he didnt lol for numerous reasons. OO I also got to see Harry Potter and the prisoner of azcaban which was soooo goood and I saw like two weeks ago the sneak preview of the notebook which was so amazing!! Then andrew set up my new computer yesterday and I have sooo much to do soon. College visits, volunteering at the scs summer camp next week from 9-11 teaching creative writing to 11 year olds lol, my birthday....ooo Im going to have a party soon, prolly another sleepover and possibly movie or olive garden...ooo I love having a computer so now I can check email and go online and woo lol well I better go make lunch! ooo and jasmine I wonder where that Dorsch is...
love yas bye!

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May 18th, 2004

11:27 am: Last night something so awful happened....a friend to us all at Maginn has been killed in a car accident. Her name was Mary kate Fluty and she was such a good person. It is so hard to even think about right now because just yesterday I saw her and she talked to me ..the last thing she asked was if I had a dime and I said no and she smiled and we laughed and walked away. I am going to miss her a lot...I cant believe this happened...just a few days ago we were working on her spanish and I was going to help her pass her regents and we talked a lot this year and shes such an incredible person......we talked about her boyfriend and how they were getting really close and about her dresses and everything I really cannot belive this happened she never deserved anything so bad ..she had such hopes and dreams and I cant believe this omg i cannot belive this.
This makes me realize tho that we have no idea when our last day is and to hold no grudges and to do everything you want to do and never hold back...always say I love you to the ones you love...and alwys appreciate everything you have right now because you never know when you will lose it. I love my friends, family and andrew and everyone else and thats it for now.

March 24th, 2004

03:03 pm: You know how sometimes you just feel so utterly alone and worthless...I am definitely there right now. I hate complaning to friends or crying in front of people because no one wants to be around someone who is sad and people have their own things to worry about, you know?. I just feel so lost and like a failure. When I sit down and think, I realize how so much has happened and I dont think I ever really dealt with them. Like my grandfathers death I am still very upset about it because I was very close to him and also my cat myryn (I had him for 16 years and so it was really hard). This world is full of so many people who are having such a hard time..people are dying and suffering and poor and homeless and alone and depressed and whats sad about it is some are our age and they are surrounded by narsissistic people who are consumed by the tiny problems that occur in their day. Like how they look or about hair or body or consumed with men or women and what they really should do is stop and ask their friends and family and whoever how are you? whats going on?. My friend's cousin committed suicide a month ago because of the death of her mother and yet not one person helped her or cared as much as they should and I hate hearing it and I hate seeing people depressed and left alone because it can be stopped. I hate myself and I hating myself becuase it seems so vain and I hate vain people...well I shouldnt say hate because thats not nice...i dislike them a lot...no nevermind, I hate them becuase they are so into themselves. Ohhhh...I just hate feeling alone but everyone does at somepoint in their life and I hate braggers..yes a lot...and I hate people that make fun of others and people who are bitches and people who are ughhhh ..... the world needs more caring people and the world needs more sympathetic people and I hope that this world will improve and that people will open their eyes and see the problems out there and realize what they have. I love my family and friends and andrew, yes, andrew because when I cry or when I am just plain sad he still loves me and cares and I havent been so good to him lately either but that will change because I care for him so much too and Im glad I have caring friends also..well, most of them lol and Im glad they listen because Im here for them too always. I am so afraid of losing anyone anymore, death scares me so much and I hate being scared all the time, but I try everyday...I dont know anymore. It just hurts to see so much hate and not enough love. I should go do homework..yes, homework is the answer. The play is tommorrow, I hope it goes well and lots of people should come.

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March 20th, 2004

05:55 pm: HELLOOOO! Long time no update....hmmm Im at andrew's and were going to watch radio and the spanish movie haha...ummmmm 6 hour practice tomorrow goodie lol not much else tho....more later.

February 17th, 2004

08:59 am: Yay its vacation and vacation means no stress and doing nothing which is sooooo wonderful. Jazz and Sarah went to Cornell this weekend and on sat is day of fun ..cant wait! lol. Hmm I dont know when I last updated, but I think I will update more later because my sister is experementing with soaps and I smell smoke...merp!

January 27th, 2004

08:48 pm: Wow ..I havent really updated in forever. A lot of stuff has happened since last entry. Well Ill have to do that later becuase I have no clue when my computer is going to give out again arg lol. But to summarize whats been happening....tests, study, drama, tests and then military ball is on saturday and I have my gown and its cute and I hope it will be fun but a few people will still be recieving phonecalls during it..yes and you know who ya are lol. Hmmmm tomorrow no tests and the last one is on thursday morning so Ill update tomorrow.
love yas

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